26 May 2023

Crypto Whales Transactions

In this Article you will understand how to use Whales Transactions and how to interpreter Cold and Hot Exchange Wallets. This specific tool is an extension of the Advanced Chart and can be use together with Rich Address Balance.

First of all who are Crypto or Bitcoin Whales? The so called “Whales” are investors who own wallets that hold a large amount of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

Whales Transactions is a powerful tool that shows directly into the trading chart big TRANSACTIONS which may have an impact on the price direction.

Here you can filter transactions between 1.000 and 50.000 Bitcoin within the first 100 (and more) Biggest Bitcoin Addresses. To see how huge money operations influence the direction of crypto market price.

HOW TO USE IT: Big Transactions and News are the main elements which can impact the price direction. When you see Whales (Big crypto investors) making multiple big transactions occurred in a short period of time, this can be a signal of big price correction within the following hours.

Moreover you can also use filters to show on the chart 3 different categories of transactions that impact in different ways the price direction.. It’s not a rule, but keep in mind the following tips:

1. Hot Wallets Exchange - POSITIVE (+) Transactions - Bearish Signal

    • Transfer BITCOIN into exchange’s wallets suggests an intent to sell. Bearish. Usually when you see a green transactions (inflow) to the Exchange Hot Wallet, it means that people want to sell Cryptos.

2. Hot Wallets Exchange - NEGATIVE (-) Transactions - Bullish Signal

    • Transfer BITCOIN out of Exchange Hot Wallets suggests an intent to hold. If money is transferred to a Exchange Cold  Wallet this could be a bullish signal. If money is transferred to an other Hot Wallet Exchange, probably this is not going to have a big impact on the price direction.

3. Cold Wallets Exchange - POSITIVE (+) Transactions - Bullish Signal

    • Money go back to Exchange Cold Wallets as they are not used by investors. This could be a signal that Whales and investors don't or don't want to sell Cryptos and so Exchanges move them to more secure wallets (Cold wallets = not online wallets).

4. Cold Wallets Exchange - NEGATIVE (-) Transactions - Bearish Signal

  • Transfer of BITCOIN out of Exchange Cold Wallets could represent different situations. If Cryptos have been moved to an Exchange Hot Wallet this could suggest that people want to sell. In this case we can look also at Hot Wallets Exchange - POSITIVE (+) Transactions, with a possible Bearish Signal.
  • If Bitcoins have been moved to other Exchange Cold Wallets, this doesn’t have a particular impact the the price direction. 

5. Unknown Wallet - POSITIVE/NEGATIVE Transactions

In this situation it’s hard to evaluate the impact of a transaction if you don’t know wether it is a private wallet or an exchange wallet. We will continue to try to figure out Addresses which come from exchanges and take our list updated.

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