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XRP +39.18% News
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OKB +86.54% News
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LTC -0.90% News
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STX -20.28% News
EGLD -14.86% News
TON -13.24% News
APT -8.23% News
SOL -8.07% News
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ICP -20.78% News
HBAR -20.60% News
LDO -19.77% News
ALGO -19.44% News
APE -18.32% News
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CRO -86.09% News
NEAR -85.68% News
SAND -82.66% News
AVAX -81.30% News
SOL -80.81% News
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Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, reportedly informed officials in Montenegro that he had received opulent treatment during the months that he was on the run for committing an alleged crypto fraud — that literally shook the entire crypto market and resulted in the loss of at least $40 billion. Do Kwon Received VIP Treatment During an interview on Tuesday in his office in the capital city of Podgorica, Interior Minister Filip Adzic stated that Do Kwon and his associate expressed a great deal of surprise and conveyed to officials that they were accustomed to receiving VIP treatment in other parts of the world. Read More: CFTC Chair Declares War On Binance, Calls It “Ongoing Fraud” Since 2019 According to the minister, Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon, the chief financial officer of the company, were unlawfully in the country as they were not registered upon entry anywhere in Montenegro. The minister also noted that the two individuals had spent some time in a neighboring country prior to that. The minister, however, did not specify which country the individuals had been in. Kwon’s Unknown Whereabouts Speculations about the location of Kwon were persistent since September when South Korean authorities issued an arrest warrant for him based on allegations of violating capital-markets law. Prior to his arrest last week, Adzic confirmed that his ministry had received information suggesting that Kwon and his companion might be present in the country. Kwon was being sought by South Korean authorities in Serbia last month. On Thursday, the two were detained as they attempted to board a flight to Dubai using forged credentials as travel documents. Do Kwon is currently being detained in Montenegro under a routine medical quarantine till April 3 to rule out the possibility of a COVID-19 infection. Also Read: Ethereum’s Next Big Upgrade “Shapella” Coming This April; ETH Price Poised To Rally? The post Terra Founder Do Kwon Says He’s Surprised By His Arrest As He Got VIP Treatment Elsewhere appeared first on CoinGape.
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