Portfolio overview

Crypto Portfolio Simulator is a tool designed to help people make more informed investment decisions in the world of cryptocurrency. You can create multiple Crypto Portfolios to test out different investment strategies, track performance over time and see how they would have performed in the past. By simulating different scenarios, you can get a better sense of the potential returns and risks associated with different investments.

We have carefully analyzed the cryptocurrency simulator portfolios available in the market and we created the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform to simulate your cryptocurrency portfolio. Our simulator offers an intuitive interface, powerful analytical tools, and real-time market data, making it the perfect choice for traders and investors of all skill levels.

Why use Final Crypto Tool as a Portfolio Simulator?

There are several reasons why Final Crypto Tool is the best cryptocurrency portfolio simulator in the market. Some of the most compelling reasons include:

User-friendly interface  

A simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to simulate their portfolios and track their investment.

Real Portfolio Performance

Final CryptoTool provides users with real-time market data, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest market movements. This feature allows you to track the real-time value of your portfolio, which can be helpful to understand the performance starting from the creation date (the chart has a daily time frame).

Multiple Analytical Tools

Crypto Portfolio Simulator offers a range of powerful analytical tools and charts to help you tracking your investment performance.

Crypto Portfolio Backtesting

By using Backtesting chart you can see how your portfolio performed in specific past period so that you can adjust the crypto choice and weight in your Portfolio diversification analysis.

Compare Multiple Crypto Portfolios

Just create 2 or more portfolios and compare into a single chart to see how they performed in the past. Create the perfect crypto allocation that fits your preferences.

Crypto Asset Allocation

This feature visualizes the proportions of different cryptocurrencies in your portfolio on an insightful pie chart with a table summary of its value in fiat currency and percentage. This way, you can picture the proportions of crypto assets in your portfolio at a glance.

How to use FCT Crypto Portfolio Simulator?

Using Portfolio Simulator is incredibly easy. Simply sign up for an account, choose your preferred cryptocurrency assets, and simulate your portfolio. Final Crypto Tool will provide you with real-time market data and analytical tools to help you make informed decisions when trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. Find a detailed tutorial Here

Portfolio Name

Starting Date

Starting Amount

Total in Portfolio

Actually Invested

Liquidity/Not Invested

1 Year BTC Return

1 Year Backtesting Return

Starting Date Portfolio Return

Crypto allocation

Crypto Price () Amount Amount () (%) Amount (%)  


Past Portfolio Simulation
Portfolio Performance as if it was created in the Past


Crypto Performance Compare
Price chart for specific cryptocurrencies currently in your portfolio

from to

Specific performance
Specific performance of the single cryptocurrency in your Portfolio

Real Portfolio Performance
Portfolio performance considering all transactions that have occurred since its creation date


Portfolio performance

Backtesting Portfolio Yearly Performance
Backtesting Portfolio Periodic Performance
Backtesting Portfolio Monthly Performance
Real Portfolio Yearly Performance
Real Portfolio Periodic Performance
Real Portfolio Monthly Performance