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  • Blog Posts content should be in English language, unique and well written.
  • Content should be 100% Unique, so use Plagiarism Check Tools like copyscap and https://plagiarismdetector.net/.
  • Title must descriptive and informative and easy to read.
  • Use proper headings h1 and h2 and sub-headings h3 if possible in the content (content without proper headings will not be published).
  • Content length should be at least 300 words.
  • No affiliates are allowed.
  • You must use the image featured (size 600*600px) in your post or else we will no publish the article. You can choose between the proposed images by FCT (unsplash, coming soon) or you can upload your image (in this case you agree that we are no responsible for any user-submitted content and that you have the responsibility t use image which are under copyright)
  • You can use maximum 2 backlinks per blog post
  • Specific Backlinks can be used directly under a custom fee
  • 18+ content & Images (Gambling, Wine, Betting, CBD, Vape, Casino, Adult, Etc) will not be published.
  • Citations: If you use information from another website, you must include the source and a link to the original piece.
  • Although you may mention your backlink in the content, we reserve the right t remove any promotional links that are not placed in any context that correspond with the piece.
  • No buying advice


Final Crypto Tool accepts original, unpublished content about Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin. On our platform we welcome guest authors to post article from experts in the same field. The Content of guest post must be related to finance/cryptocurrencies/bitcoin.
You can “write for us” on these topics:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cryptos
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Education

Our blog is just for crypto and blockchain lovers, and we only accept writers from the same niche. We expect you to share our enthusiasm for the crypto and blockchain industry as a whole. You may write about the following subpoints which are listed below.

As this is an ever-growing space with new coins listing their ICOs every day, you can create a variety of cryptocurrency guest pieces. If there is anything fresh and informative to it, it can be a bitcoin guest post as well, but we will absolutely preserve the area for those who are not just focused on bitcoin guest posts an are versatile enough to stay current and write about newer things happening i this sector.

You can write about the accomplishments and lives of influencers or people who are involved in the crypto world in any way, whether it be crypto holdings o blockchain technology.

You can contact us about certain exchange reviews, your experience with them and why you choose one exchange over another.

You can write for us in depth about the many technologies and terms associate with the newer evolution in this field, such as Defi and Dapps.

You can write for us about product reviews of various exchanges and apps, a well as anything else linked to blockchain, cryptocurrency and finance that yo believe requires a review.

You can also write about other cryptocurrency frauds.

You might write an explanation on the most recent leveraged products offere by various exchanges, such as Futures and Options on the underlying crypt asset.


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Although the conditions we mentioned may appear to be a little too difficult for you, you should not be concerned because we are always open to considering applications from honest writers who want to make it big in the world of writing however, there are some conditions we cannot overlook completely, such a plagiarism and research. You can always give it a shot, and we will absolutely consider it if we believe you deserve a spot on our site, even if there is non available and we are already at capacity. We will always make an effort to accommodate your writing skills in our writer inventory.

By establishing specific criteria, we want to separate the background noise from the main sound.


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  2. The system automatically checks if it is longer than 300 words.
  3. Choose the category in which you want to public your post (keep in min that it will be published both in the category you choose and in the Mai page).
  4. Check yourself with a plagiarism checker if it is 100% unique (We also check this when you submit so please do not make us reject the pos because of that).

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